Details about the fantastic organisations and individuals supporting our competitors…

Each year we have been extremely proud to be able to offer competitors at the Perth Ballroom Challenge cash prizes for many of the Open events.

We are only able to offer such prizes due to the generosity of our event sponsors. Their support of competition Ballroom Dancing is so appreciated by us and we hope that all competitors, audience members and supporters of the event appreciate the investment these companies and individuals have made towards the development of Ballroom Dancing in Western Australia.

Amateur Open Ballroom | Vacuum Toilets Australia

Amateur Open New Vogue | zflowers.com

Amateur Open Latin | Bunbury House of Dance

U21 Open Latin | Vacuum Toilets Australia

U21 Open Ballroom | Dalcos Accident Repair Centre

Junior Open Latin | Martin Burns Bedroom Furnishings

Junior Open Ballroom | Martin Burns Bedroom Furnishings

Juvenile Open Latin | Daele Fraser Dance Studio

Juvenile Open Ballroom | Martin Burns Bedroom Furnishings

Masters Open New Vogue | Adam Penn